Latin Private Wealth Management Summit Spring 2020

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    The program’s primary objective is to explore the key aspects and issues related to investment, asset allocation and family governance and their role as business drivers.

    Temas Claves en el Programa de la Cumbre:

    • Armonía en el Seno Familiar – Manteniendo las relaciones para afianzar el sostenimiento y posibilidad de crecimiento del patrimonio familiar
    • Tendencias de Inversión – Estructuración eficiente de portfolios, opciones privadas y directas y alternativas de impacto
    • Cómo hacer Negocios al Estilo Millenial – Tendencias de inversión y principales intereses de los herederos
    • Estructuración del Protocolo Familiar – Estrategias y prácticas para lograr acuerdos. Estudios de casos y comparación entre diferentes esquemas
    • Revolución Digital y su Influencia en los Asesores de HNWI – Incorporación de tecnología en el FO y las empresas. Alternativas y prácticas de cyberseguridad para protección de datos confidenciales
    • Comunicación intrafamiliar – Estrategias, ejercicios y prácticas que toda familia adinerada debería conocer y aplicar
    • Contexto Económico Regional – Identificando riesgos y oportunidades en el escenario político-económico actual

    The Summit program key topics:

    • Harmony in the Family - Maintaining relationships to strengthen the sustenance and possibility of growth of the family patrimony
    • Investment Trends - Efficient structuring of portfolios, private and direct options, and impact alternatives
    • How to do Business in the Millenial Style - Investment trends and main interests of the heirs
    • Structuring the Family Protocol - Strategies and practices to achieve agreements. Case studies and comparison between different schemes
    • Digital Revolution and its Influence in the HNWI Advisors - Incorporation of technology in the FO and the companies. Cybersecurity alternatives and practices for the protection of confidential data
    • Intrafamily communication - Strategies, exercises, and practices that every wealthy family should know and apply
    • Regional Economic Context - Identifying risks and opportunities in the current political-economic scenario

    what attendees are saying about the program:

    A gathering of like-minded advisors and service providers sharing ideas, best practices and new opportunities.
    Vice President, Sanderson Wealth Management

    Always a well organized event, packed with actionable items, presented by top industry professionals.
    Managing Director, Waldron Private Wealth

    The Conference was great. Great Venue, great people, overall a wonderful experience.
    Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Sunpointe Investments

    Well organized event with an impressive group of talented investment professionals.
    Chief Executive Officer, HighTower Boca Raton

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